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Glo2 Facial Skin Oxygenation

Skin oxygenation is a process that delivers oxygen directly into the skin. Your outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is very thin, and oxygen from the air naturally penetrates the cells. Oxygen is essential for the skin cell renewal cycle. You can get immediate benefits by boosting the oxygen in your skin cells through an effective oxygenation treatment.

Oxygenation benefits your skin by:

  • Increasing the skin cell renewal process, giving you a fresh, smooth complexion

  • Healing acne and reduces inflammation

  • Supporting cell functions such as collagen and elastic fiber production

  • Removing toxins and impurities that can clog pores

  • Giving your skin a healthy, youthful glow


The remarkable advantages of skin oxygenation have spurred the popularity of 'oxygen facials.' Despite their name, many oxygen facials fail to sustainably enhance skin oxygenation. These facials typically involve a device that delivers oxygen externally to the skin cells. However, this external approach doesn't afford the skin cells sufficient opportunity to effectively utilize the oxygen.

At Glo2Facial, our oxygenating treatments harness the power of our innovative OxyPod technology to deliver a skin-activated oxygenating facial. With our patented oxygenation technology, we gently exfoliate the skin and create a frothy, CO2-enriched environment on the skin's surface. This prompts the body to respond by supplying a surge of oxygen to the skin, fostering optimal conditions for nourishing and revitalizing the skin from within. By aligning with the body's natural processes, Glo2Facial rejuvenates the skin internally, making it far more effective than conventional oxygen facials.


Why Your Skin Needs Oxygen

Oxygen plays a crucial role in the vitality of your skin cells. They rely on it to carry out the skin cell cycle, which involves the natural replacement of worn-out, dead cells with fresh, healthy ones. Additionally, dermal skin cells, situated in the deeper layers of the skin, utilize oxygen to generate collagen and elastic fibers, crucial for skin elasticity and healing.

However, when your skin lacks sufficient oxygen, it hampers these essential processes that maintain skin health. Factors like pollution, UV rays, and free radicals contribute to depriving the skin of oxygen. Consequently, this leads to visible signs of aging, including fine lines, a lackluster complexion, and loss of skin firmness.

How to Get More Oxygen to Your Skin

There are two main ways to oxygenate the skin — internally and externally. While your skin can absorb oxygen externally from the air, it only gets a small portion of its oxygen this way. The majority of oxygen is delivered internally through your blood vessels.

Apply Directly to Your Skin

Directly applying oxygen to your skin is a common method of skin oxygenation, often achieved through oxygen facials. Alternatively, in medical contexts for skin-healing purposes, doctors may utilize a hyperbaric chamber.

The concept of oxygen facials draws inspiration from hyperbaric chambers, but the execution differs. In a hyperbaric chamber, individuals breathe nearly pure oxygen, facilitating significant oxygen delivery to the skin via blood vessels.

In contrast, oxygen facials rely on an external oxygen source, which cannot achieve the same level of oxygenation. While the epidermis benefits from direct oxygen application, resulting in a healthy radiance, the deeper skin layers receive minimal to no oxygen. Since these deeper layers significantly impact skin firmness and elasticity, topically applied oxygen fails to provide sustained skin benefits over time.

Increase Oxygen Production From Within

Skin cells naturally receive the majority of their oxygen supply from blood vessels. That means that skin oxygenation that occurs internally provides more powerful and long-lasting results than externally applied oxygen.

There are several ways you can increase skin oxygenation from the inside out. The easiest at-home methods are exfoliation and exercise. Exfoliation and exercise both stimulate oxygen-rich blood to flow to the targeted areas. This method oxygenates skin at the deepest levels, ensuring dramatic results in the health and appearance of your skin.

For professional results, choose a reputable provider that offers oxygenating facials that harness the body’s natural processes to deliver an effective, internal oxygen boost.

How To Incorporate Oxygenation Into Your Skin Care Routine

There are several at-home ways to oxygenate your skin. Processes that increase circulation will deliver a healthy dose of oxygen to the skin. You can add one or more of these methods to get the benefits of skin oxygenation:

  • Exfoliation

  • Facial massage

  • Dry brushing

  • Steam

  • Exercise

Including oxygen-stimulating skincare into your home routine is an excellent way to care for your skin. Treat yourself to professional oxygenating facials for the most dramatic results.

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