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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. At Dunes Medical Solutions Spa, we use The Motus AZ + hair laser removal and permanent hair reduction on the body. The Gentle Hair Removal system has a dynamic cooling device and super fast treatment times. Its cooling device allows a higher energy density and reduces pain and side effects, especially on darker skin. Not to mention, it’s comfortable enough to be called gentle.

Why should patients consider the Motus AZ + 

MOTUS AZ + allows Dunes to treat a variety of concerns ideal for most skin tones with one system.  Treatments with Motus AZ + (pain-free laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmented & vascular lesion reduction;) are now available at Dunes Med Spa located @ 4710 Oleander Drive Myrtle Beach, SC

Moveo’s Technology goes beyond laser hair removal

  • Pain-Free Hair Removal

  • Pigmented Lesion Reduction 

  • Skin Revitalization

  • Vascular Lesion Reduction

Motus AZ + utilizes Moveo Technology delivers a variety of comfortable treatments beyond pain-free laser hair removal. 

Moveo delivery is the technological breakthrough that made the Deka Motus AX & AY devices synonymous with pain-free laser hair removal for all skin types. This proprietary Moveo technology was developed to deliver pain-free hair removal and overcome the traditional limitations of the Alexandrite laser. Now the same technology is available on the Motus AZ+ for pigmented lesions, skin revitalization, and diffused vascular lesions with the Nd: YAG laser.

How does it work?

Moveo technology uses simple, continuous movements over a small area gradually delivering a precise dosage of energy to the targeted tissue without damaging the surrounding skin. The cooled sapphire tip on the Motus AZ+ makes treatments safe and completely comfortable for the patient.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal prices are affordable. The price varies depending on the size of the area being treated and time required. Book your consultations. So give us a call to learn more about the cost.

What are the negatives of laser hair removal?

At Dunes Medical Solutions Spa we have experienced professionals who perform the laser hair removal service making the treatment safe and effective.

Additional Hair Removal Options

Waxing is another option for hair removal. This method is an efficient way of removing hair; it's longer-lasting than shaving but not permanent. If you are interested in waxing to remove hair, let us know. We also offer brazilian waxing to remove hair on your body and face waxing.

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