Teeth Whitening in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Teeth Whitening in Myrtle Beach, SC

It is an unfortunate fact that the average American diet can take a toll on our teeth. Coffee, wine, soda, and a wide array of other food and drink items can all erode enamel and cause unsightly and embarrassing staining. At Dunes Medical Solutions Spa, we offer teeth whitening in Myrtle Beach, SC because we believe you should have the right to reverse years of damage to reveal a brighter, white smile you can be proud of.

What can I do to protect my teeth from discoloration?

The most important thing you can do to keep your teeth white is to quit smoking or never start. Smoking can cause dark, uneven patches to appear on your teeth. You should also try to avoid dark-colored foods and drinks that can lead to accumulative stains that worsen over time. These types of stains are typically more evenly distributed over your teeth, and because they can worsen gradually, it is often difficult for you to notice them until they become so bad that you decide to seek professional teeth whitening as a solution. Practicing effective oral hygiene including regular brushing and flossing is essential to maintaining a white, healthy smile. Certain medication may also cause discoloration on your teeth, so it is important to understand all of the side effects when beginning a new prescription.

Do I have to come to the office for teeth whitening services?

At Dunes Medical Solutions Spa, we know that your schedule is incredibly busy, packed with work and social commitments. In our quest to offer our patients access to the highest quality teeth whitening services available in the Myrtle Beach area, we provide both in-office and at-home options that can improve your smile in as little as 15 minutes. Our experienced providers can discuss your teeth whitening options with you, so you receive the treatment that is exactly right for your needs. Whether you are interested in whitening your teeth for a special event or are simply looking to gently reduce the appearance of a lifetime of morning cups of coffee, we can help you effectively whiten your teeth, so you can smile with confidence.

What is BleachBright?

BleachBright is a leader in teeth whitening, providing a comprehensive range of teeth whitening solutions that can address staining that is minor to severe. We use the BleachBright line of products at Dunes Medical Solutions Spa because we believe they offer the most effective solutions available. Teeth whitening gel in prefilled trays, L.E.D. whitening kits, and hydrogen peroxide solutions can all provide exceptional whitening solutions no matter what your needs entail. Your teeth whitening can be precisely customized to your exact needs. Mouth trays can be designed to conform exactly to your individual teeth, so you reap the greatest possible benefit. BleachBright uses hydrogen peroxide in 12% and 20% solutions, depending on your needs. The BleachBright line of whitening products also uses carbamide peroxide, which is safer to use at home without supervision, while still be extremely effective at lifting difficult stains to reveal whiter teeth.

If you are looking to whiten your smile, so you can show off your teeth without embarrassment, contact Dunes Medical Solutions Spa to schedule an appointment. We offer exceptional whitening products for use in our office or your home, so you can achieve the whitest smile possible when it works for your schedule.