Botox in Myrtle Beach, SC

At Dunes Medical Solutions Spa, Our Experienced Med Spa Professionals Provide Safe and Effective Botox/Xeomin & Filler Products in Myrtle Beach, SC, That Rejuvenate Your Face, Provide Lip Enhancement and Help You Achieve a More Youthful Appearance. Please Call Us Today at (843) 806-3747 or Book an Appointment Online.

Botox Near Me Myrtle Beach, SC

For men and women who are interested in reducing signs of aging on some of the most susceptible areas of the face, Botox injections and dermal fillers can provide exceptional anti-aging results without surgery. At Dunes Medical Solutions Spa, we proudly offer a wide range of Botox/Xeomin & Filler Products in Myrtle Beach, SC so that you have options in addition to proven Dermal injections to address fine lines and wrinkles, improve the contours of your face, and even plump thinning lips.

What’s the difference between Botox and dermal fillers?

While both Botox and fillers offer exceptional benefits for many people seeking to reduce signs of aging, they work in fundamentally different ways. Botox uses the botulinum toxin type A to provide semi-permanent relaxation of the muscles responsible for forehead lines, furrowed brow lines, and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers use a gel-like substance to fill deep wrinkles or plump thin lips. Both can offer long-lasting results that will help you achieve a more youthful appearance. At Dunes Medical Solutions Spa, we pride ourselves on providing our patients access to the best dermal fillers available as well as personalized Botox treatments that can help turn back the clock.

How long will my Botox injections last?

Botox will last approximately 3-5 months, though your exact results will vary depending on how quickly your body metabolizes the substance once it has been injected. Your Botox results can be maintained by undergoing repeated treatments in the future and the clinicians at Dunes Medical Solutions Spa can help you determine how often you should schedule your appointments, so you can maximize your results and enjoy the benefits of improved self-confidence. When you find yourself scrutinizing your changing appearance in the mirror, Botox can offer the minimally invasive results you need to smooth your features and feel great about the way you look. We offer skillful administration of Botox, so you can enjoy the benefits of this treatment without looking frozen or overdone. Our goal is to help you sculpt the perfect face, so you can enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin without invasive procedures or scarring.

What can dermal fillers be used for?

Dermal fillers come in a wide variety of formulations, providing our clients with treatment options that can be easily customized to address many different concerns. Dermal fillers offer long-lasting results that can last anywhere from a few months up to 2 years, depending on the type of filler and what it is used for. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances often containing hyaluronic acid that can effectively fill wrinkles around the nose and mouth, as well as on the forehead. They can also be administered to improve the contour of your cheeks, replace lost volume around the eyes, and reduce vertical lines that can appear on your lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers can also be used to help you sculpt the perfect pout, whether you are interested in dramatic volume or nature-looking plumpness. Our dedicated providers can help you decide which dermal filler is right for you needs, as different formulas will be better suited for different applications.

If you live in Myrtle Beach, SC and are interested in Botox or dermal fillers for addressing aging concerns, contact Dunes Medical Solutions Spa to schedule a consultation. We proudly offer these minimally invasive options for patients of all ages who want to improve their appearance without surgical intervention or downtime for recovery.