Body Contouring in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Fat Destruction in Myrtle Beach, SC

If you have struggled at the gym or adhered to a healthy nutrition plan without seeing the physical results you are looking for, non-surgical fat reduction in Myrtle Beach, SC at Dunes Medical Solutions Spa may be the treatment you have been looking for. Our cutting-edge body contouring devices allow you to achieve incredible results with a minimum time commitment and zero downtime.

How does ultrasound technology destroy fat?

Many people have heard of ultrasounds when it comes to digital imaging, particularly in regard to pregnancy. However, many people may not realize that it has incredible implications in esthetic medicine as well. Fat reduction can be achieved by using highly focused ultrasound waves to penetrate the skin and break down the walls of fat cells. This allows your body to naturally metabolize these cells and effectively reduce the size of the fat deposits on some of the most stubborn areas of the body. Ultrasound fat reduction is an FDA-approved procedure that can reduce fat while leaving other tissue in the surrounding area safely untouched. Once the fat cells are metabolized and eliminated by the body, they are permanently gone. However, it is important to remember that new fat cells can be regained in these areas if you do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle, so maintaining a fitness and nutrition regimen after your procedure is important.

What is recovery time like for this procedure?

One of the greatest advantages of the fat destruction methods used at Dunes Medical Solutions Spa is that no downtime is required for you to recover. Our ultrasound-driven body sculpting is completely non-invasive, allowing you to return to all of your favorite activities immediately following your appointment. Most patients will notice gradual results that improve over the course of 6-12 weeks following their final treatment session as the body naturally sheds the disrupted fat cells. There is no anesthetic required, no scarring or incisions, just a beautifully sculpted body you can be proud of. You deserve to be able to wear your favorite clothes without worrying about how they fit you, and our targeted ultrasound-based body sculpting can help you achieve the body of your dreams without having to take time away from work, family, or social commitments.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Our fat reduction system allowed for totally personalized, precisely targeted treatments that will offer dramatic improvement. Unlike many other body sculpting techniques, the ultrasound device we use allows for highly versatile control over where the ultrasound energy is delivered and how intense it is. This empowers your provider to create a totally customized treatment protocol that will deliver exceptional results. Patients will undergo 3 treatments spaced approximately 2 weeks apart. Each treatment session will last about 45 minutes, so the time commitment required is minimal, despite the dramatic results that you can achieve. The clinicians at Dunes Medical Solutions Spa will discuss your exact treatment goals with you during your personalized consultation, so they can create a treatment plan that is designed especially for you. We know that everyone’s body is different, so we offer targeted, customizable solutions that can be adjusted to optimize your treatment outcome.

If you are interested in non-invasive body sculpting and fat destruction in Myrtle Beach, SC, contact Dunes Medical Solutions Spa to schedule a fat destruction consultation. Our cutting-edge ultrasound tools can help you slim down for summer or your next big event.